The School Social Responsibilty

    Schoolarships to Zambia Open Community Schools

    Lake Road PTA School realises that it operates within the Community where our Learners emanates from and to give back to the Community we commit ourselves to the Community through our Social Responsibility.

    Our social responsibility to the community is in the form of the full sponsorship of one pupil each year from the Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) to grade 8. This pupil qualifies for the scholarship from the schools under ZOCS and is the highest scoring pupil in the grade 7 final examinations. The School ensures that it provides everything to the pupils under its sponsorship, such as Meals, Uniform, and Fees. The scholarship is available to the pupils until they finish grade 12 depending on their disciplinary record and academic performance.

    Schoolarships to Highest performing Pupils

    Further, Lake Road PTA School looks within itself and extend its Social Responsibility to the Pupils at the School who excel in their performance and score the highest points at Grade 7 and 9 every year. The School makes available to them a 50% waiver on tuition fees. This has not only motivated the learners to work extra hard but it has also greatly motivated our parents who have continued to support the School and believe in our efficient and quality education delivery.