Enrolment Policy

The School provides an equal opportunity without any discrimination or preference to any prospecting Parent who would wish to enroll their child(ren) on a first come first serve basis whenever the School places are available.

Enrolment Dictates

1. Every Parent who wish to enrol their child(ren) at Lake Road PTA School is supposed to adhere to the School Enrolment procedures.

2. The enquiry for enrolment will only be escalated further if School places are available in a given Grade enquired.

3. Every Child will be required to take an Evaluation assessment in core subjects namely Mathematics, English and Science(s) in order to determine their expected level of understanding required for admission into the School.

4. Only a child(ren) who has/have met the expected pass rate in the Assessment will be given an approval letter as a recommendation for admmission in the School.

5. A child(ren) who fails to meet the expected pass rate in the Assessment he/she will be given another opportunity to come and be Reassessed again.

6. The School normally does not enroll New Pupils into the examination classes unless under the STRICT ADHERENCE to the conditions of clause 7 of this policy.

7. Only pupils who come to Lake Road PTA School before the ECZ Candidates Registration Begins or ends can be enrolled into Examination Classes because they will be registered as a Pupil at Lake Road PTA School in order for them to sit for their Final Examination at Lake Road PTA School. Pupils who comes after the ECZ Candidates Registration is closed will only be considered into Examination Classes for Tuitions on condition that they are going to sit for their respective final examinations at the school of origin where they were registered.