The Library

  • Lake Road PTA School has a Library that caters for all the sections in the School and it is managed by a qualified Librarian, Mrs. Stabile Chewe who provide the library services to staff, Teachers and Pupils requiring her services.

    The Library is well stocked with Pupils Books besides those that they are given by their respective Teachers from different faculties within the School

  • Mission

    To have well researched Learners who know how to research and use information to enhance their learning through hard work and creative magination.


  • a) To meet the information requirements of both the Teachers and learners in the School in this changing educational environment.
  • b) To preserve and amanage the School information materials that would be of use in the years to come.
  • c) To impact knowledge on library reserch skills.

  • Books of various category including fiction for Literature and Academic Books fill the Library shelves to meet the requirements of both the learners and the Teachers.

    The Librarian works hand in hand with the learners who seek her services when they have assignments or projects by helping them to find neccessary materials that may help them accomplish their work.

    On the School Timetable the Library is timetabled for classes and pupils have classes which are filled up where a number of activities or programs are undertakedn by the librarian to enhance the reading and research skills of the learners.